If a video exists, it has the potential to draw in a lot of views. Simply by it being viewable online, it can (theoretically) be something that has viral potential. This is the logical beginning place for many people who see more videos as better, overall. Unfortunately, the strategy has an inherent flaw because it does not account for quality. It is also why so many brands, of varying sizes, have a flood of content that is weak, unstructured, and even incoherent. Their videos do not have any purpose or any sense to them. They exist solely because they can.

Every Video has a Purpose

The above heading could read like spiritual enlightenment, and that is okay. Every video has a purpose. More often than not, that purpose goes unrealized. Smart marketers know not to waste time on bad videos. Sure, they have some kind of potential to be viral sensations, but the likeliness of this decreases constantly. Furthermore, the videos may not necessarily be adding to the overall experience of the brand. These videos are fitting right into the mess of noise that video marketing is rapidly becoming.

Create a Punch of a Video

What can marketers do to answer this plight in Search Engine Optimization? Put simply, they can make fewer videos. Not every video has to exist because the company has the ability to make the video. Secondly, marketers can have a more discerning eye on the content, allowing it to have a greater punch when it is finally uploaded.

Lastly, the potential is there within the SEO. Videos should be fine-tuned by a Digital Marketing Agency to be relevant in the search engines. Whether that is through Google or YouTube, or something else entirely, is a different discussion. But, the content should have a punch in the search engines, and not exist just to exist. A Digital Agency will force the content to be superior to the benefit of the client.

The above principles seem to be lost for many marketers and business professionals. They simply want it done. The fact that the video is there is good enough. But, this is exactly why the overwhelming majority of videos do not go anywhere and have very few views. They just do not need to be there because they are not servicing the brand and they are not being marketed. Unfortunately, they hurt the overall impact video marketing can have.